School Philosophy

School Motto

Hard Spirit


School Philosophy

Work hard
Train hard
Play hard


School Goal

Under the school motto 'Hard Spirit',
- We aim to establish a fresh and energetic learning environment.
- We aim to provide students with a balanced education in a wide range of subjects, encourage habits of good  health and promote a profound respect for humanity.
- We aim to foster students who will contribute to the development of their local community as well as     Japan,  and to the international world.



Among students

1. To develop knowledge and understanding
Students will learn to value study, be driven to acquire more knowledge; develop the ability to make rational judgments, and gain a deeper education with humanism.
2. To develop care for others
Students will and respect care for others, and develop a sense of humanity, compassion and tolerance with sound friendship and sympathy.
3. To develop autonomy
Students will develop a sense of responsibility and their own self-esteem; they will learn to cherish independence and take responsibility.
4. To develop a sound mind and a strong will
Students will challenge what they believe is right and maintain their determination and patience when faced with difficulties.
5. To develop habits of good health
Students will learn to appreciate sports for their physical and social benefits such as good health and sportsmanship.



1. High scholastic achievement
We motivate students to study with a positive attitude through carefully designed classes.
2. Promotion of international education
We encourage students to participate in overseas projects and international exchange programs in order to gain a sense of global citizenship with an accurate understanding of current issues and problems inside and outside Japan.
3. Promotion of education that fosters a rich mind
We promote student-centered pastoral care and human rights education so students can develop a respectful and sympathetic approach to those around them.
4. Promotion of club activities
We value extracurricular activities that help students have social skills such as cooperation and fair play.
5. Promotion of open school
We open the school to our students, their guardians, and the community.